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We put a lot of effort to ensure thet every single part of each item looks, smell and even feel the same as retail pairs, everything from laces, zip ties, tags to boxes and even stitching is done to precision, Every single pair of item in our store was produced with the same exact materials as those you see in retail stores this way you can wear them withconfdece
All our prices are based on cost of production, we only produce our products in very limited batches each time in order to maintain top quality and consistency for everyone Big brands intentionally put limited number of pairs on the market so they can create scarcity and pump up the prices as they please. We don t do that.
We provide global delivery services on all orders. We help you choose the best transportation option with accurate tracking system. You will always know where your parcels are, and the average transportation time only takes 6 to 20 days. Sometimes earlier

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